Monday, March 5, 2012


The holidays kicked off with another super hero Halloween!  The boys picked their own costumes and had a fun day/night.  We had Thanksgiving at Grandma Vella and Grandpa Morgans house.  All of Ben's extended family was there with the exception of Malissa.  It was a full house!  The baby was smaller that the least he was!  Everything was delicious and we all had a good time visiting with family.  On December 4th was Cooper's baby blessing.  It was a special day.  Before we knew it, Christmas was here.  Santa found us even though we were not in our own home.  We had a cozy Christmas in the nice man cave that was newly finished by Ben's parents.  We are sure glad to have some more room and this place is great.  We are working on getting the building process going for our own home.  We are sure grateful we've had such a nice place to stay.  Christmas was fun, but a whirlwind.  Ben finally got his dream truck for his Christmas.  He's wanted a Ford diesel super crew for as long as I've known him.  He loves it!  We joked that he got a new Cooper Crew and a new Super Crew!   We can't wait to see all that 2012 holds for us.

Baby Cooper Crew

I wanted to journal some of my memories of the birth and first few weeks of this sweet little angel.  He was born on a Friday, October 21, 2011 at 1:30 pm.  I went into the hospital at around 10:30 am.  They broke my water at noon and baby arrived an hour and a half later.  He weighed 8 lbs 4 oz and was 19 1/4 inches long.  He was the biggest so far.  He was close to 1 1/2 lbs bigger than his brothers!  He came a little later than I anticipated based on the other pregnancies, but was still 13 days early.  I thought for sure I'd have him earlier that week, by Wednesday at the latest.  But after some furniture moving, numerous walks, and jumping on the trampoline (yes, I actually did that, I was desperate to be done with this pregnancy, what can I say?) he was finally ready to arrive!  Right from the start he was super sweet.  I don't think he even cried during our hospital stay until the very end of the stay?  He of course had jaundice like the others and had to be under the lights at home.  He hardly cried, but he did do a lot of very loud grunting and groaning when his tiny tummy was bothering him.  We've just adored him from the second we saw him.  He was so sweet when I held him for the first time, trying so hard to get his eyes open.  He had lots of hair and was just handsome as could be!  We're so happy to have this little guy be a part of our family.  His brothers just can't get enough of him.  The second they wake up in the morning they come to find the baby and just have to touch him, etc.  Carter loves to kiss him!  He is one loved little boy!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Day Of Kindergarten!!

Maddix started Kindergarten on August 31st, 2011.  His teachers name is Mrs. Riser.  We have been told by many people that she is one of, if not the best!  She seems kind and loving towards all the kids.  He instantly liked her.  He met her the day before school started and had a short testing period with her.  She said he did excellent and seems more than ready to start!  Everyday he has enjoyed it.  He loves to learn and I think he is probably a sweet, quiet, well-mannered little student.  The first week he went only half a week and then it was Labor Day weekend.  He was confused and asked why he wasn't going to school anymore and when he could go back!  You gotta love sweet and innocent kindergartners!  I hope his desire to learn will continue as the years go on.  While Maddix is at school, it allows me to have some one-on-one time with Carter, which I am truly enjoying!  We'll enjoy it while it lasts...since baby #3 is coming soon!  We can't wait!

Carter's Big Boy Birthday Party!

Carter turned the big 3 on August 20th!  The whole year I knew he would love a heavy equipment construction themed party.  He is obsessed with dump trucks, backhoes, track hoes, etc.  Grandpa Larry has both a dump truck and a back hoe.  Carter gets so happy when he gets to ride in one of those.  This year Carter was especially deserving of a fun b-day bash because he earned it!  We had been struggling with potty say the least.  Then some helpful advice from a friend about using food coloring in the toilet at potty time helped get him interested in the whole process.  And then to really hook him in I told him that he couldn't have a "big boy birthday party" until he knew how to go potty!  So with about a month ahead until his b-day he got on the potty training bandwagon.  He must have finally been ready because he really understood it all.  He was pretty much trained within 2 weeks!  My easiest yet!  I am so proud of him!  Therefore he was totally deserving of this party.  And Carter's birthday is only 2 days before Nana Connie's.  She was having a big one this year!   I along with a ton of help from my sister-in-law Nicole, made this Hello Kitty cake.  I wanted to do something cute and fun and she has always liked Hello Kitty....and she is really a little girl at heart!  They both enjoyed sharing a special party day together!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Summer Highlights!

Everyone up at Still Water Dam...watching it spill over

Having a picnic with Grandma Pam, Grandpa Larry, Granny Helen,  Beau, Nicole, and Karen at Still Water.

Even GiGi got to come up with us...Carter loves his GiGi girl!

The boys riding some rides at Liberty Park.  I used to come here with my Grandma Steele.  I love this place.   It's like a mini Lagoon, mini zoo, and mini splash park combined.  

The Kid's Rodeo in Neola...4th of July!  Carter attempting to do an animal chase, but got scared and started crying!

Maddix preparing for the bunny and chicken chase!

Maddix running around in all the chaos.

Maddix was so close to catching a chicken here...not sure what we would have done with it?

Mom and the boys at the pool in Roosevelt

We went to the Roy Aquatic Center with Rachel and Reese...this kicked off our mini summer vacation on the Wasatch Front!

This pool was awesome...Maddix and Mom even got to go down a waterside!

Carter at Fat Katz in Ogden...he loved this little ride!

We went mini-golfing with Grandpa Lou at Fat Katz

Feeding the ducks at Liberty Park...the kids loved it!  So glad we didn't go to the zoo and went here instead!

Chillin' in the park

Playing Peek-a-Boo in the wading streams at Liberty Park

Cruising on the go-kart with Kaitlyn, Uncle Derek, and Grandpa Lou

Maddix's swimming lessons

Carter at his swimming lessons

Uncle Beau and Aunt Nicole took the boys fishing...they each caught one or two!

Carter and Mom at our Mommy-and-Me swimming lesson